"Advanced Strategy"

(Players will start to compete against each other in this level, in areas such as ball handling, posting each other up, and various shooting drills.)

The "Advanced Strategy" session is designed for players preparing for high school basketball. The curriculum will focus on conditioning, ball handling and scoring at high game speeds. Advanced drill work in all aspects of the game including detailed offensive, defensive footwork and shooting consistency. The staff at the Fargo Basketball Academy are highly skilled instructors, that have all played the game at the collegiate level and have coaching experience. Most importantly, they possess great character, have a high level of eagerness, and thoroughly enjoy working with middle school and high school aged young men and women.


penetration, trap, transition, inside-heal, strategic knowledge, shot ready, reverse seals, jabs, step backs, rocker step, hesitation dribble, inside out dribble moves


all drills are done with intent on increasing speed, explosiveness and quicker shot release
advanced counter moves
combination drills
Conditioning - Ladder Series
Continuous passing full court drill
More live 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 play