What is your schedule?

During the school year we offer 5-week instructional sessions for all six of our skill levels. These sessions consist of small group instruction for 75 minutes, with children of similar ability. Our upcoming schedules are posted in the right sidebar of each of our pages. If you are new to the academy please click on the levels tab to determine a starting level for your child. If you have any questions please call us at (701) 356-5666 or email us at info@fargobasketball.com. Our summer programs consist of the 2-day clinics, 3-on-3 leagues and Friday morning Just Starting, Hoops for Fun and Basketball Basics classes. See our homepage for info on all of these.

During the summer we offer 2-Day Clinics, several 3-on-3 Leagues and private lessons. Information on these programs can be found on the homepage of our website.

How do I get my child signed up for the academy?

Go to the levels tab, determine the level you wish to have your child participate in. If you are not sure, email or call us by going to the Contact Us tab, and we'll help you decide the appropriate level for your child. Then click on the class schedule and pick the best time that class level is offered and write down the class code. Then click on the [Registration Form], print it, fill it out, sign it and send or drop it by the academy, along with the appropriate payment.

Who will be instructing my children during the classes?

At the academy, Director Josh Johnson and other former players and coaches will be doing the instructing of classes. Our private lessons and team trainings are done by any of our instructors (see Instruction tab for bio's on each of our instructors). The academy also has an additional staff of past and current collegiate players to help with the instruction during the summer months. The academy takes pride in our instructors and will continue to ensure that those teaching at the FBA are not only very good teachers of the game, but are men and women of great character, who relate well with our youth!

If my child misses a class can they make it up?

If your child misses a scheduled class due to an illness or scheduling conflict, they may make it up in one of the other similar level classes, during the session.

How do I sign my child up for private lessons with one of the FBA instructors?

To book a private lesson, contact Josh or Katie at info@fargobasketball.com. Most of the private lessons are done by Matt Peterson, Rory White, Kyle Johnson and other instructional staff, at our partner location, the Sanford POWER Center. All of the private lessons are scheduled a week at a time. During the summer we offer players the opportunity to work with the same instructor weekly, the same day and time each week.

What is your bad weather policy?

If we choose to close the Academy because of inclement weather, we will post it on the front page of our website, leave a message on our answering service and send an email out as soon as we make that decision. If you feel uncomfortable driving to the academy, please do not take any chances. You will be allowed to make up for any missed classes at a later date. Often times the travel conditions are good in town, but awful outside the city limits. Because of this we will choose to hold classes for whoever can safely get there.

Do you ever rent your gym?

Due to the fact that we hold classes Mondays through Saturdays and teach lessons at the FBA on Sundays, their is little time available for teams to rent our facility. If you are interested please call or email Josh to see what time might be available. The cost to rent the gym is $50/hour.