As youth basketball becomes increasingly popular and more competitive, so does the need for better instruction starting at an earlier age. One of the biggest challenges to this is the traditional age breakout for youth basketball programs. Most programs group players by age or grade. Frequently, there is a wide variance in abilities among youth in any given age group. With this in mind, our academy instruction philosophy is based on ability rather than age. Players are grouped by ability as determined by a variety of measurable skill sets.

Players that reach a defined skill level or complete a skills challenge advance to the next level. The curriculum is customized for the experience level of the players. There are six levels in the program, all with progressive skill challenges involving footwork, conditioning, basketball IQ and basketball development.

The result? Smarter practice, stronger and faster skill development, and greater confidence! By working on footwork and conditioning, we want to develop each participant’s physical fitness. By working on terminology and strategy, we want to build their basketball IQ. By working on skill development, we want to build their confidence. Our goal is to help each player with his/her overall basketball improvement, but more importantly, we want each participant to develop a clear understanding of what it takes to get better.


Most of our instruction is done by Director Josh Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Logan Selisker, Gabe Wilbersheid, Matt Peterson and Rory White along with current players from NDSU and other universities who help with instruction during the summer.

Matt Peterson

Rory White (click here for bio)