Session Levels:

The session levels at the Academy are as follows. Click on the links below to find out what is taught at each level. Please note that the ages listed are ONLY suggestions.

“Just Starting” (preschool – age 5) - White Wristband
“Hoops for Fun” (approx. ages 6-7) - Yellow Wristband
“Basketball Basics” (approx. ages 8-10) - Orange Wristband
“Individual Skill Development” (approx. ages 11-12) - Red Band
“Advanced Strategy Concepts” (approx. ages 13-14) - Blue Band
“Varsity Enhancement” (approx. ages 15-18) - Purple Wristband

The Fargo Basketball Academy instructors will determine when a player is ready to move to a higher level. This decision is based on the player’s ability in three measureable areas: physical ability, skills and ability to listen and be coached. Click on the links above for a description of each session level.

When beginning a session at the Academy, it is highly recommended that the player be placed in the level that matches his/her age if the player is of average ability for his/her age. After the first class of the session, if we feel moving a player to another level would provide them with the best opportunity for maximum growth and development, we will let you know. (See the AboutUs and Instruction pages for our philosophy on instructing players based on skill rather than age.) Upon starting a new session level, each player will receive a Fargo Basketball Academy t-shirt.

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