"Basketball Basics"

(Players should be able to do a dominant hand layup properly on a 10' basket to participate in this level.)

The "Basketball Basics" session is designed for players to help them start to learn proper shooting mechanics using both hands and both directions. Kids in this level should already have the ability to shoot a dominant hand layup on a 10' hoop with proper footwork. They need to be able to shoot at a 10' hoop since all baskets are up at 10' for this level. We begin to teach them how to shoot a weakhand (typically left hand) layup and shot. When we do the MIkan Drill, we encourage them to be shooting with the right hand on the right side and the left hand on the left side of the basket. Terminology such as weak side/strong side, traps, and crossovers will be used. The curriculum will focus on stationary in place dribbling skills, advanced change of direction and combination dribble moves, weak handed one foot lay-ups, jab step and swing through moves, passing on the move, zig-zag defensive slides, and shooting on the move.


fastbreak, back court, cross-over dribble, reverse dribble, between the legs dribble, behind the back dribble, top of the key, 3 seconds, jump ball, squaring up, turn over, forward pivot, reverse pivot, ball-side/weak-side, help & recover, block out, low & high post, wing, point, ball fake, triple-threat position, shooting hand, guide hand, over-play, drop step and man-to-man defense


more advanced ball handling drills
figure 8
spot shooting
Post-pivot square up moves