"Individual Skill Development"

(Players should be able to do right and left hand layups properly on a 10' basket, and shoot from 15' to participate in this level.)

The "Individual Skill Development" session is designed for players preparing to enter junior high basketball. All kids in this level should be able to demonstate proper footwork shooting both right and left hand layups using their proper hand to shoot. They should have no problem doing the Mikan Drill using both hands. The terminology will focus on strategic concepts such as curls, flares, help side defense, dig outs, and entry passes. The curriculum will focus on advanced in place dribbling skills with both hands, dribble moves to score on both sides of the court, reading screens, post moves, rebounding, getting open on the wing, wing denial, conditioning, and advanced offensive and defensive footwork. Controlled scrimmaging will be used to display skills in a real game environment.


post-up, deny, close-out, blocking/charge, press, drop step, curl, flare, dig, v-cut, pick and roll, give-and-go, basket cut, front, half-front, seal, up-and-under, back-door, zone and spider dribble


more advanced ball handling
pound and kill
swing the purse
high and low V dribble
1 and 2 hand and finger tip machine gun
various 2 ball dribble drills
straight line moves
change of direction moves
Conditioning - Ladder Series