"Hoops For Fun"

(basketball hoops are at 7' 2", but we no longer use the miniature 7" basketballs)

The "Hoops for Fun" level is designed as an introduction to the sport of basketball. Geared towards first time players, we will introduce the basic lines on the court as well as basic basketball rules such as traveling, double dribble, and fouls. The curriculum will focus on stationary ball handling (learning to get comfortable with the ball), dribbling, passing and catching techniques, jump stops and pivots, and basic defensive stance. Games such as dribble tag, dribble relays, and the passing game will be played to make the class fun and to build towards playing in a real game situation. The basketball hoops will be lowered to an appropriate height for this level.


assist, proper shooting form (BEEF-Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow-thru), free-throw line, half-court line, lay-up, free thow, follow-thru, overhead pass, lane area, foul, pivot foot, jump stop, out-of-bounds, traveling, double-dribble, defensive slide and bank-shot


lay-up drills
shooting drills
speed dribble (both hands)
control dribble (both hands)
power dribble (both hands)
basic ball handling drills
partner passing drills